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Self Guided Walks

Trekking on your own gives you freedom. Chose your own pace and pick exactly the spots you want to see. It’s up to you if you want to stay an extra hour for lunch or start your day earlier to make most of your excursion. We will supply you with our in-depth trip notes so you have the information you need and to to keep you company. We will give you all our best recommendations to where to eat and where to relax, excursion routes and other places of interest. Toubkal Guide will see to it that your luggage will be transported between the hotels and provide the ultimate support through local suppliers, together with our 24-hour emergency support.

Toubkal Guide’s self guided hiking walks are suitable for those who prefer to explore on their own and prefer to be without a guide. We help you to custom make travel itineraries, prepay hotels and sort out all necessary arrangements to make your independent hiking tour as memorable and optimal as possible. We offer our guided hiking and walking tours as an independent option, so tell us what tour you like, give us your dates and Toubkal Guide will do the rest.